Meet our Project Team!

Summer 2022:

Natalie Chapman - Hi! I’m Natalie Chapman. I contribute to  BSA-CAMP’s project by researching the policy and governance associated with equitable beach access in the face of climate-induced sea level rise. My background includes a BS in environmental science and resource management from CSU Channel Islands and boots-on-the-ground invasive species management in Louisiana, Hawaii and California. I developed an affinity for asking “why,” which quickly led me to pursue a master's degree in environmental policy and management at UC Davis (graduating Spring 2022). I study complex environmental governance systems and their impacts on equitable natural resource access with a focus on sea level rise and wildfire impacts on wilderness-urban-interfaces. I wear many hats, ranging from being a certified prescribed burn “fire-lighter”, an educator, invasive species technician, beach-clean-up participant, and overall coastal guardian. I am excited to bring these diverse perspectives to the BSA-CAMP project. 

Learn more about Natalie here.

Summer 2021: you might have met any of the following team members, hard at work on our local beaches:

Eli Lew - Since I was 10, I’ve lived and breathed the water through my experiences of water polo, swimming, and surfing. That being said I’m a huge advocate for our coastlines and the world in general. I’m currently studying Biochemistry and ESRM as an undergraduate. At the moment my goal is to become multidisciplinary and work in wildlife biology forensics to investigate illegal animal trafficking or environmental chemistry.

Sabrina Kennedy - I am an ESRM undergrad passionate about the conservation and preservation of wild places. My hobbies are scuba diving, gardening, and being a novice birdwatcher. I am thrilled to be a member of the BSA team and to contribute to this exciting and meaningful work.

Riley Evans - I am 31 years old, been living in Santa Barbara for almost 3 years now and have been a part time student at CSUCI for the past two years. I am a surfer and ocean enthusiast. I have surfed and spent time observing the ocean and the beaches from San Diego to San Francisco.

Rhianna Torres - I am a undergraduate environmental science and resource management major with an emphasis on marine and coastal systems. I aspire to focus my career on conservation and dedicate my time contributing to projects regarding climate change and it’s impact on the coast and marine environments. On my free time, I tend to spend my days at the beach and capturing wildlife through photography.

Meagan Najera - Hi my name is Meagan and I am graduating CSUCI next spring with a bachelors in environmental science with an emphasis in Marine and Coastal Systems. I have lived in Ventura county my whole life and it’s these beaches that inspired me to pursue ESRM. 

Kaitlin Hayes - I am an undergraduate Environmental Science and Resource Management major who is fascinated by anthropogenic impacts on our ever-changing coastline. I look forward to better understanding how to preserve our coast through methods of coastal management. In my free time, you can find me baking, spending time with family, hiking and exploring.

Jenifer Foote - I am an Environmental Science & Resource Management undergraduate student. I have a tenacious interest in our natural environment and feel passionate towards uncovering the world's mystic connections. My overall goal is to help promote equity & environmental stewardship while setting a standard for total inclusion.

Lewis Adnan - Above all, I believe in action dictated by ethics derived from logical thought substantiated by data. Logical thought can lead the world in a positive direction, and as our population becomes more educated, its influence grows. I am an undergraduate Environmental Science and Resource Management Major. I aspire to contribute as much as possible and ultimately leave a lasting impact on my field.

Suzanne Bergantzel - I grew up on the Central Coast of California surfing, hiking, and exploring the intertidal zone. At 19, I joined the US Air Force and after 11 years decided that I needed go back to my roots. As an ESRM major at CSU Channel Islands I’ve learned about the impacts of humans on our different environments and am pursuing a career in environmental law. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with anyone that will listen and have a passion for inspiring others to make better choices in their everyday lives to better our planet.